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Coil Winding Bobbins Example - Plasti-Coil

Coil Winding Bobbins

Since Plasti-Coil’s beginning, coil winding bobbins have been at the core of our business. Partnering with hundreds of manufacturers over the years has elevated us to “Experts” in the realm of custom bobbins. Read More….

Terminal Pin Insertion Example - Plasti-Coil

Terminal Pin Insertion

At Plasti-Coil, not only do we produce millions of plastic injection molded bobbins annually, but provide many secondary operations such as terminal and pin insertion. We operate many specialized machines that makes this process possible. Read More…

Insert Overmolding Example - Plasti-Coil

Insert Overmolding

Plastic insert molding is a custom molding process where plastic is injected into the mold to encapsulate (either fully or partially) a part that was placed into the mold just prior to the injection of plastic. Read More…

Custom Molded Plastics Example - Plasti-Coil

Molded Plastics

At Plasti-Coil, “custom” is an everyday term in what we achieve for our customers. When it comes to custom plastic molders, we are simply the best!

Read More…