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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is of the utmost importance at Plasti-Coil. The company proudly bears the UL Assurance Seal and adheres to a strict ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality System. This means that we can trace each individual component back to its raw material and are able to ensure the quality of the material at each step of the production process. Processing the plastic polymers is critical and every employee makes sure that each process is precise, controlled and consistent during the manufacturing of our customers’ parts.

Quality Policy

Plasti-Coil, will continually improve its capabilities to better satisfy customer needs and meet all quality system requirements

When quality and price really count, you can count on Plasti-Coil. Give us a call or email us and together we will create your next success.


Since Plasti-Coil’s beginning, coil winding bobbins have been at the core of our business. Partnering with hundreds of manufacturers over the years has elevated us to “Experts” in the realm of custom bobbins. The coil winding bobbins that we manufacture have been used in practically every application that call for a plastic bobbin; transformers, solenoids, relays, motors, fuel pumps,Switched Multi-megabit Data Service, and many other electrical and electronic devices. Read More

At Plasti-Coil, Inc., not only do we produce millions of plastic injection molded bobbins annually, but provide many secondary operations such as terminal and pin insertion. We operate many specialized machines that makes this process possible. After the injection molding of the bobbins we can either insert one of many types of quick connect terminals; or, you can choose from many different wire sizes for pinning to tie off after the coil winding operation. Read More…

Plastic insert molding is a custom molding process where plastic is injected into the mold to encapsulate (either fully or partially) a part that was placed into the mold just prior to the injection of plastic. The inserts are generally metal or some higher temperature plastic. Read More…

When it comes to custom plastic molders, we’re simply the best! Our team of engineers and marketing professionals will meet with you to discuss your needs, then offer specific recommendations for your plastic parts. Every detail of your project is taken into account. Read More…